Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • The growing bond between Yashdeep and Anupamaa, is making Anuj Kapadia very anxious.
  • Even Tiya will notice Yashdeep's fondness for Anu.

Much to the joy of MaAn fans, Anu and Anuj have finally met each other in the USA. As expected Anuj expressed all his feelings to Anu that lay hidden in his heart for more than three years. Even though Anuj still loves Anu and vice-versa, Anu is not going to reconcile with him as she knows that Choti Anu hates her.

That certainly is bothering Anuj Kapadia. But more than that, the entry of Yashdeep in Anupamaa has created another interesting angle in this relationship. Anuj wants to keep a close eye on Yashdeep and Anu’s relationship and that is why he offers them a proposal. Both Yash and Anu agree to this proposal.

Now seeing the growing bond between Yashdeep and Anupamaa, Anuj will start getting anxious and jealous. Shruti, whom Anuj was all set to marry for the sake of Choti Anu, is now well aware of the strong relationship between Anupamaa and Anuj and decides not to come between them and leave.

Elsewhere, Anupamaa’s joyful dance impresses Tiya and she gives Anu the position of a dance teacher. Anupamaa asks Tiya to continue dancing and all through this Yashdeep, who is present there, continues to observe Anu with keen eyes. And this has not gone unnoticed from the eyes of Tiya who chides Yashdeep for his growing fondness for Anu.

Yashdeep in return says that the two are just good friends. While adding the angle of Yash has made the serial more interesting, fans are not ready to accept anyone being paired with Anupamaa apart from Anuj Kapadia. While Anu has given a definite no to reconciliation with Anuj, she never said that she does not love Anuj. And that is why fans are hoping that although Yashdeep will be in love with Anu, the latter will always choose Anuj Kapadia when the moment comes for her to decide.