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News Highlights

  • The journey of Rupali Ganguly has been full of struggle and hard work.
  • After the movies of her father flopped badly, Rupali's family suffered huge financial loss.

Rupali Ganguly is a household name now. Her television career skyrocketed with Anupamaa. From last more than three years the Rajan Shahi-produced show has been in the top 5 and most of its credit goes to Rupali’s remarkable performance. Even before Anupamaa, Rupali has given exceptional performances in Parvarrish-Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi and Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.

Although she is now a television superstar, it has been a journey full of struggle and hard work for Rupali Ganguly . Recalling her struggling days and childhood, the actress during a recent interview said that after a few movies of her father, Anil Ganguly, flopped they went through a huge financial loss. In her words, “We were literally wiped out, and whatever was left got sold.”

Rupali Ganguly started her career with theater

Rupali revealed that those were the times when producers used to mortgage jewelleries and homes and if the movie did not do well everything was lost. But acting and movies were in the genes of her and her brother. So, Rupali started her journey first in theater with Dinesh Thakurji. Her first play was Atma Katha. For her first play, she earned Rs 50 per show. For the rehearsals, she had to walk from Worli to the Prithvi Theatre which is a long distance.

Apart from her father being from the film industry, Rupali herself was quite obsessed with films, so in the summer holidays she and her brother used to learn something new and related to movies. Her father used to send them to a legendary editor Vaman Guru where the famous filmmaker Guru Dutt used to teach Rupali and her brother about how to cut the frames.

Then they used to edit those reels on steenbeck. That was a sort of internship for them which helped her a lot when she became an actress.

Anupamaa was a surprise for Rupali Ganguly

The offer of Anupamaa came as a surprise for Rupali and she was not expecting it at all. At that time she was in Indore for her show with Rakesh Bedi in Mahakal Mandir when she received a call from the makers of Anupamaa and asked her to meet them in Mumbai. Earlier they had asked her to send them a self-test and by midnight she shot her audition and sent it since she had liked the role. Later on, she went to meet them after two days and now the rest is history.