Poonam Singh

The popular TV show ‘Anupamaa,’ featuring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna, has taken a dramatic turn with a compelling 5-year leap in the storyline. The eagerly awaited reunion of Anu and Anuj, fondly known as MaAn, finally unfolded in a recent episode, marking a pivotal moment in the show's narrative.

However, the emotional meeting is shrouded in complexity, with Anu grappling to adapt to her new life in the USA, working in a restaurant, and Anuj residing with Choti Anu, now named Aadhya, harbouring resentment towards Anupamaa.

Previous episodes showcased Aadhya warning Anuj to erase Anu from his life, leading to an emotional breakdown for both Anu and Anuj upon their reunion. 

In the upcoming episodes, Aadhya approaches Spice N Chutney Hotel to inform Anu about Anuj's impending marriage to Shruti. Anu, overwhelmed by the revelation and recognizing Aadhya as her Choti Anu faces resistance as Aadhya sternly pushes her away, cautioning her to stay away from the family.

Adding to the intricacies, Shruti presents Anuj with a wedding card invite, revealing it to be a design sample and clarifying that the actual cards are yet to be printed. 

On the other hand, the revelation intensifies the emotional turmoil in Anupamaa's life as she grapples with the news of Anuj's impending nuptials.

Why Fans Suspect Shruti's Demise?

While the storyline unfolds, fans express their discontent on social media, particularly lamenting the scarcity of #MaAn moments. 

Some fans even suggested a dramatic turn by proposing the demise of Shruti's character, akin to the fate of Maya (Choti Anu's biological mother), to pave the way for Anu and Anuj's reunion.

Taking to social media, fans poured out their feelings. One user expressed frustration, stating, "DKP very recklessly & shamelessly handled the sensitive and mature matter of 2nd chance... pls bring back MaAn." 

Another fan acknowledged the character's complexity, hoping for Anupamaa to address her ex-husband's past actions.

Amid the emotional saga, viewers reminisced about the profound connection between Anupamaa and Anuj, emphasizing the genuine love they continue to harbour despite their divorced status. 

Fans shared their longing for the captivating chemistry between the on-screen duo.