Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Karan Johar organized a party to welcome Netflix's global head in India.
  • Many Bollywood celebs including Sara, Ananya, and SRK attended the party.

Netflix’s global head Bela Bajaria is in India and in her honor, head of Dharma Productions Karan Johar threw a lavish party. The leading production house from India enjoys a good work relationship with Netflix.

In 2019, the digital arm of Dharma-Dharmatix signed a multi-project big deal with Netflix, and together the collaboration planned to produce fiction, and non-fiction series and movies for the audience on Netflix.

That is why Karan made sure that the global head of the channel gets a proper welcome in India. And as expected, almost all the big celebs from Karan’s clan were a part of this party including Sara Ali Khan, Ananya Panday, Ranveer Singh, Madhuri Dixit, and even Shah Rukh Khan.

Netflix is not doing well in India and is trying to plan a new strategy to ensure that its ventures are profitable. And that is one reason why Bela Bajaria is in the country. Ananya Panday looked pleasant in a white short dress whereas Sara and Kriti also were in short dresses and looked pretty.

Madhuri Dixit was in a white top, black jacket and trousers looked enigmatic as usual. However, it was the entry of Ranveer Singh in a swanky, orange car that grabbed most of the attention. He was driving himself and even signaled the paparazzi to stay away from the car so that its bonnet does not get damaged.

As the celebs made a bee-line at Karan Johar’s party to meet Bela Bajaria there were umpteen comments from the netizens who warned the global chief of Netflix to stay away from Dharma or Netflix will lose all its subscribers.

Netflix is already struggling to find a base in India and is hoping that its deal with Dharmatix will increase its popularity in the country.