Rashmi Rekha Das

Almost a decade back Bollywood’s most sought after actress Alia Bhatt was trolled as she failed to answer name of the President of India. She has again failed to name the President, but this time she went too far by comparing the President with the production designer of her movie.

In 2013, when Karan Johar in his show Koffee with Karan asked Alia to name the President, she ended up screaming the name of Prithviraj Chavan, the former chief minister of Maharashtra, instead of Dr Pranab Mukherjee, inviting trolls and memes on the internet.

Repeating the history, Alia gave a hilarious reply when she was asked the same question during a recently conducted interview by Mid Day.  Alia was asked the same question in a rapid-fire round and she blurted out saying ‘Madam President is the President of India'. 

In retaliation, Alia then asked the interviewer name of the production designer of her film. The video has now gone viral and it did not go well with Twitterati as Alia compared President of India with production designer of her movie.

Slamming Alia, a user wrote, “Shameless!! Where is President of India & Where is production designer of Brahmastra...RIP her Logic..! Beauty without Brain = Alia.”

Another user wrote, “Oh god she is fighting like “why should I know what is happening around the world" it is just basic common information that Indian resident should be aware of not something difficult topic nd she is comparing with production designer without guilt...”

Another user wrote, “They know Kamala Harris but not Draupadi Murmu ji.”