Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Earlier today, Bollywood Millennium Star Amitabh Bachchan left everyone in shock after taking a lift from a stranger's motorcycle. And now, B-Town beauty Anushka Sharma took a bike ride to reach her workplace on time. 

Anushka was spotted by paparazzi while taking a bike ride with her bodyguard. 

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Reportedly, a tree fell in Juhu and blocked the road she was about to take. Due to traffic congestion, the actress ditched the car and opted to take a bike ride instead to reach her destination on time. 

Anushka was spotted wearing a checkered cropped shirt with beige flared pants. She opted for a casual look with a ponytail. 

The video was shared on Pinkvilla's social media platforms.


However, netizens didn’t spare her and asked the actress why she didn’t wear a helmet.

One user wrote, “Where are the helmets,” while another wrote, “Ditches the helmet along with her car.”  (sic)

Meanwhile, a few others went on to mention the incident when Anushka asked a man not to throw waste from his car window while she was driving past. 

A user wrote, “Wasn't there a video of her telling a man off for throwing his rubbish outside his car window and she was driving past? So Where's her helmet now?” (sic)

While another wrote, “Where is helmet mam Dusro ko Kachra yaha nahi fekna waha nahi fekna kehne waali aurat aise karegi to kaise chalega” (sic)