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News Highlights

  • Aditya Narayan received a lot of hate on social media recently.
  • Netizens slammed him after a clip showed him hitting a fan and throwing away his phone surfaced online.
  • Now the event manager of the concert has opened up about what exactly happened during the show.

Aditya Narayan was badly trolled for his conduct on stage as clips of the singer hitting a fan and throwing his phone surfaced online. Although what the reality show host did was very wrong everyone reacted without knowing the exact reason behind this misconduct from Aditya.

Now the event manager who was a part of most of the arrangement of this concert held in Rungta College, Bhillai in Chhattisgarh has shared some details about the entire situation.

Zoom has reported that according to the event manager, the boy who was hit by Aditya Narayan was not a student of Rungta College and was someone from outside. The manager said, “He was constantly dragging Aditya’s feet nonstop. He was irritating. He banged his phone on Aditya’s feet multiple times.

After that, he lost his cool. Aditya must have taken around 200 selfies with the student. The whole concert went smoothly apart from this. After this incident, the show went on for two hours. If the student was right he would have come forward.”

The event manager added, “Even Darshan Rawal stopped doing such concerts in colleges because such kinds of activities keep happening in the city. People do not know the truth behind everything. They just see one side. He kept continuously hitting and dragging Aditya. What if he would have fallen? If this boy was right he would have come forward and told the college authorities that this had happened to him.”

The event manager said that he has been associated with the college for many years and everyone said that they did not have such a concert in years. So if the event manager is to be believed, Aditya Narayan’s behaviour was a reaction to the constant irritation and harassment from the boy.

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Since singers have to keep their focus on their songs, Aditya finally stopped the harassment by throwing the phone and hitting the boy with the mic.