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  • Shahid Kapoor recently schooled a college student who said that he wants to become an actor.
  • The Kabir Singh actor asked him to work very very hard on himself and wished him luck.

Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon have been actively promoting their latest movie Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya on various platforms. Recently while answering a few questions from college students, Sasha got a bit serious and schooled a boy for his casual approach towards acting.

The Padmaavat actor gave the young aspiring actor a small lecture regarding how hard work can never be replaced. The moment the college student said ‘Hi’ Shahid Kapoor appreciated him saying, “Badi sexi voice hai teri yaar. Love it.” The young boy said that since he also wants to become an actor if there is any tip that they would like to give an aspiring actor from outside like him to crack a code or get a role.

The question was directed at both Kriti Sanon and Shahid. Mimi actress was the first to respond and said, “There is no code bro you can crack. I would say the same thing jo har koi bolta hai ki the fact is that you need to genuinely want it for the right reason. Be passionate about what you do and work on yourself till you get there because this is the time when you will get to work on yourself. Cut the noise and just believe in yourself. “

When it was Shahid Kapoor’s turn he asked the boy why he wanted to become an actor. When he said he loves watching movies and while watching he feels that he can do it better at times than the actor on the screen. But Shahid cut him short saying that it was all in his head but wanted to know what exactly he does to become a good actor.

Shahid Kapoor encouraged aspiring actor to work very hard

When the boy could not explain his interest and the efforts he is taking to become an actor properly, Shahid Kapoor said, “I think you are in a phase where you are discovering something that you are infatuated by or that you really really enjoy. You love that but are you good enough for that? You have to work very hard to answer that question. Because it is very easy to see and say I am better than this. But when you go out and do it.”

Shahid Kapoor schools a college kid on his approach to acting 🤭
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Then he explained his experience while shooting for Jersey and how he felt that batting one over in front of a professional was easy but it turned out to be very difficult for him. The Kabir Singh actor added, “When you sit and see something on the other side but when you actually do it it's very different. So you have to search for something inside you that is unique about you. Learn to work very very hard. Be respectful towards others’ work. The energy you put out in the universe if you are highly critical comes back to you. If you are forgiving and kind then the universe gives that back to you. So be forgiving, be kind, and work very hard on yourself.”