Cassian Baliarsingh

The stunning Medha Shankar who featured in the critically acclaimed ‘12th Fail’ opposite Vikrant Massey has been winning hearts with her award-winning performance as Shraddha. The diva portrays the role of a UPSC aspirant in the movie and is garnering rave reviews for her magical performance of Shraddha.

Fans are not getting enough of her natural beauty and whistle-worthy performance. She has now taken the social media by storm with fans calling her the next big star in Bollywood. Although, Shraddha has worked in a couple of web series and shows, she has exceeded the expectations of everyone with her performance in 12th Fail.

“12th Fail is undoubtedly the best movie of the year 2023, where Vikrant Massey’s act is absolutely of high standard and Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s direction makes the film SOLID GOLD… but the gorgeous Medha Shankar is just mesmerizing. She isn’t acting, she is living the character. No doubt she will do wonders ahead,” a social media user shared.

Another user wrote, “I have not seen any work of Medha Shankar, but she blew my mind away with her performance. She shines in the emotional drama. I want to rewatch the movie only for Medha.”


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“I have totally, completely, fully fallen in love with Medha. She is such a treat to watch. I cannot believe this girl has the power of acting more than any A-list actresses,” shared a third user.

For the unversed, Medha is known for her performances in Shaadisthan, Dil Bekaraar, Beecham House, Max Min and Meowzaki and With You for You Always.


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