Pradeep Singh

News Highlights

  • Lack of Android phones and internet issues pose hindrance in online teaching.
  • Odisha teacher overcomes these hindrances with his unique initiative.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in schools having been shut across the country resulting in a dramatic change in teaching pattern- from classroom teaching to e-learning.

While online teaching undertaken over several digital platforms continues to become an issue for students without Android phone, and for those living in remote areas and facing internet issues, a teacher from Odisha has come up with an innovative medium of imparting his teachings to such students.

Headmaster of Mundamurai Primary school in Ganjam district, Surjya Narayan Sahoo is now sending YouTube teaching materials to students on television with the help of the local cable operators. Besides, he is teaching students through 'local encoding' and also addressing to their doubts over ordinary mobile phones (non Android).

"I am not concerned about my success. The real success is when we are able to help students avail the benefits of government's online teaching initiative," said Sahoo.

With his unique initiative, Sahoo has brought a ray of hope for the hundreds of students in the region who are facing internet and mobile issues.

"We are immensely benefitted from the online teaching on television," said a student, Pritiraj Sahoo.

Another student, Namita Dantal said, "We don't have a phone, so often we burrow one from friends. But still we face problems when three students depend on one mobile phone for studies."

It is pertinent to mention here that YouTube live learning kicked off in Odisha from June 21. However, as per reports, only 4 lakh students have subscribed against a daily attendance of around 12 lakh students.