Cassian Baliarsingh

Though it is unpredictable what life is destined for, achieving name and fame is what we dream of as humans. However, there are only a few who dare to break the stereotype and set examples. They emerge from nowhere to shine like stars.

Here we bring the story of one such tribal woman, V. Sripathi, a 23-year-old tribal woman who has become the first tribal woman to be a Civil Judge from her community. Never in their wildest dreams, Sripathi’s family members or neighbours thought that the tribal woman would dazzle like a star from nowhere and become an overnight sensation.

However, she is an example for other tribal and backward people. We, regularly come across several people, whom we tend to ignore. The list includes street vendors, labourers, beggars, rag pickers, etc. Even after interacting with such people for a few moments, no one remembers their faces. But, Sripathi has proved that a goal and the courage to achieve that goal is all it requires to reach new heights.

Hailing from a small hamlet Puliyur near Jawadhu Hills in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruvannamalai, Sripathi is part of the Malayali tribe. She is one of the very few girls who got a chance to go to school. A brilliant mind from childhood, Sripathi was a very bright student.

After her intermediate, she went on to do a Bachelor of Law. However, as a practice among tribals, Sripathi had to be married off at an early age. Luckily, her husband stood by her and encouraged her to continue her studies.

With the support of her husband and mother, Sripathi finished her LLB and applied for the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission exam. She was pregnant and delivered a baby just two days before the exam date.

However, Sripathi decided to risk her life and travel all the way to Chennai to attend the examination. She successfully passed the exam and became the first tribal woman Civil Judge from her community.

Her inspiring story is a testament to her unwavering determination and passion.