Cassian Baliarsingh

She left her home at the young age of 15. She had nothing except a pair of clothes and Rs 300 in her pocket. However, with her sheer will power and hard work, she now owns a Rs 140 crore company in Bengaluru.

Well, we are talking about Chinu Kala, the founder of Ruban Accessories. Chinu Kala is a true alpha female, fearless, bold and full of spirit. At the age of 15, Chinu Kala left for Mumbai where the city’s shadowy, dark side may have swallowed her and led her down a dangerous path.

But no, this determined girl was prepared to put in a lot of efforts to achieve her goals. Those initial days were tough as she slept at Mumbai railway station and survived on vada pav meals, News 18 reported. To make both ends meet, she became a door-to-door salesperson, earning just Rs 20 per sale.

She also worked as a waitress, receptionist, and door-to-door seller of coaster sets and cutlery. Destiny changed for her after she became a customer service executive at Tata Indicom. Meanwhile, she completed a makeup artist course and started her own salon from home, as per a report in News18.

Her life was difficult, for sure, but she had a lively spirit and refused to give in and become a victim. Her life changed when she participated in the Gladrags Mrs. India pageant in 2007. She made it to the top finalists, leading to modeling gigs and a new chapter in her life.

She eventually met her MBA-holding husband Amit Kala who with his MBA knowledge helped her develop her entrepreneurship abilities and gave her the confidence to take big risks. At first she began her entrepreneurial path and established Fonte Corporate Solutions that worked for well known companies like Sony, ESPN and Airtel.

However, in 2014, Chinu recognized a need in the Indian jewellery and the product’s significance to the fashion sector. She decided to enter the fashion sector, launching her own company Rubans Accessories in Bengaluru.

Reportedly, the company that she started with Rs 3 lakh quickly expanded, generating Rs 30 -35 crore annually.