Cassian Baliarsingh

He never let adversity get in his way of success, and today he has made his father, who works as a security guard, proud by cracking the UPSC CSE to become an IAS officer. While his father works as a security guard in a school in Odisha’s Bhadrak, his son Atul Singh has achieved the unimaginable.

With his hard work and dedication, Atul Singh has secured an impressive AIR-67 to become an IAS officer. Today, the proud father Pawan Kumar Singh who had shifted to Odisha from Bihar and worked day and night as a security guard so that his sons would get good education, is super elated after his son’s success.

With tears of happiness in his eyes, he said, “My son would study for 12-14 hours every day and this is the result of his hard work. There’s nothing more valuable than a father crying happy tears on the success of his child.”

Now, he is a proud father as he will be known as the father of an IAS officer from now. “I’m very happy and I will not take the credit for it. All thanks to my wife who works very hard and does all the household chores and at the same time helps the boys and inspires them to study hard,” he added.

“To provide better education to his two sons, Pawan along with his wife shifted to Odisha’s Bhadrak and the former worked as a security guard. His son Atul was a bright student from the beginning. He used to work very hard. He is a Kanpur NIT student who was working at Reliance after completing his education. Later, he started his UPSC journey,” said Pawan’s colleague.

"I'm happy after seeing the pride and happiness on his father's face. This should be an inspiration for those who think only an educated man's son/daughter will become IAS. So, I request all the parents to guide their children in the right direction from the beginning and not mislead them with all the freedom from a young age," said the principal of the school where Pawan works as a security guard.