Cassian Baliarsingh

He was only 21 years old when he cracked UPSC in his very first attempt and went to become one of the youngest IPS officers of the country. However, the journey from being a UP lad to becoming country’s most loved IPS officer has been full of thorns and struggle for Adarsh.

Adarsh belonged to a modest family from Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki. His father, Radha Kant Shukla, worked as an accountant in a private company, harbouring his own unfulfilled dream of serving in the administration. 

Financial constraints had thwarted his father’s aspirations, but he was determined to see his son achieve what he couldn’t. Adarsh’s academic excellence paved the way for his journey. Graduating with a B.Sc. from National PG College in Lucknow, he secured a gold medal in biology. 

The dream of becoming an IPS officer had always fuelled his aspirations, but his focus on UPSC preparation began after his graduation.

Despite facing setbacks in his own ambitions, Adarsh’s father, recognising the importance of education, wholeheartedly supported his son’s pursuit of the IPS dream.

In 2020, Adarsh undertook the UPSC Civil Services Examination for the first time, overcoming the odds to secure the 149th rank nationwide. 

His achievement serves as a beacon of hope for aspirants, proving that success in the Civil Services Exam is possible with determination and strategic preparation.

Adarsh emphasizes treating the Civil Services Exam like any other, urging aspirants not to make it the sole focus of life. His journey stands as an inspiration for those navigating the challenging path toward IAS or IPS, showcasing that dreams, even against financial constraints, can indeed materialize with perseverance and family support.