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Dr. Tanu Jain was born on July 16, 1986 in Delhi. It was her dream to become a doctor since childhood. After 12th, she pursued a degree in BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), but she wasn’t satisfied with her profession.

According to News18, she decided to change her profession and become an IAS officer after seeing the notification for civil services. However, Tanu only had two months to prepare for the exam, considered India’s toughest exam.

However, only after 2 months of preparation, she gave her first attempt and successfully cleared the Prelims exam. Unfortunately, she could not clear the Mains exam. She thought if she could clear the exam in just two months of preparation, she could easily clear the exams if she prepared well; and this gave her confidence.

However, the UPSC journey wasn’t as easy as she had thought. Despite giving it her all, she had to face failures. Although she cleared the Prelims, she could not make it during the Mains Exam. She had to take 3 attempts for the Mains and finally secured All India Rank (AIR-648) in 2014.


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She was one of the few toppers in the interview round and secured an impressive 200 marks and finally fulfilled her IAS dream. After working as an IAS officer for 7 years, she made a bold decision to leave her job.

She decided to take a new path in full-time teaching to UPSC aspirants. Today, she is running one of the best UPSC coaching Institutes ‘Tathastu ICS’ in India. With her brilliant knowledge, she has made a place in the hearts of lakhs of UPSC aspirants.

Not just a UPSC tutor, Tanu continues to contribute to society through various social service initiatives, motivational speaking, and writing books. With a significant 649K followers on Instagram, she is recognized for her contributions and insights.