Cassian Baliarsingh

In our subconscious mind, we often wish that we were born into an affluent family so that we could get all the things easily. Otherwise, we tend to make excuses that we could also reach a certain stage if we had enough resources.

However, the life journey of IAS Savita Pradhan proves that we have to strive hard to reach our goals. No matter what our circumstances or situations are, hard work and consistency is the only key to success. Currently serving as the Joint Director of the Gwalior Division, Madhya Pradesh, IAS Savita’s life journey may be inspirational but it will also send chills down the spine at the same time.

Born to a tribal family in Mandi, MP, she was the family’s third child. Despite financial constraints, she managed to clear her Boards and was the first girl in her village to do so, a report in DNA India revealed. Her parents allowed her to pursue her education only because of the scholarship she received while in school. Later, she got admission in a college that was 7 km away from her village and would cost her Rs 2 every day.

However, the family was so poor that they could not even afford Rs 2. Therefore, Savita had to walk on foot every day. However, things took an ugly turn after Savita’s parents got a marriage proposal from a relatively wealthy family.

After giving birth to two children, IAS Savita was allegedly treated like a servant by her in-laws and husband. She was subjected to inhumane treatment and wasn’t even allowed to eat with the family. She would often eat in the bathroom and was also forbidden from laughing loudly, the DNA India report revealed.

The torture became so frequent that she decided to end her life and even attempted to hang herself. Even as her in-law could see her hanging herself, she did not even try to stop her. Later, her husband returned home and assaulted their child forcing Savita to gather courage and snatch the child from him.

It was then Savita realized that it was futile to live her life for the people who didn’t even care for her. So, she left the home forever with her two kids. After days of struggle, she got a job in a beauty salon and started to lead a normal life. She also took tuition to make both ends meet.

After saving some money, she decided to resume her education. It was during this time, that she learnt about the civil services exam. With her hard work and dedication, IAS Savita was able to crack the exam on her very first attempt.