Cassian Baliarsingh

We as human beings tend to give up after facing failures. However, we forget that hard work along with perseverance and patience can help us achieve our dreams. It is rightly said that consistency and determination are the keys to success.

IAS Smriti Mishra is one such glaring example. Despite failing twice, she did not give up. She proved that we should fight and focus on our dreams, no matter how many times we fail. Today, we will learn about the inspiring journey of IAS Smriti Mishra, whose perseverance led her to secure All India Rank-4 despite facing two failures.

Smriti’s three years of unwavering dedication paid off with the prestigious AIR-4.

Originally hailing from Prayagraj, Smriti completed her schooling in Agra and later went on to pursue B.Sc from Miranda House College, Delhi University, DNA India reported. She looked up to her father who was her role model and always inspired her to be a distinguished IAS officer.

Soon, after her graduation, Smriti set out to fulfill her father’s dream of seeing her as an IAS officer. However, the preparation journey wasn’t a cake walk for Smriti even though she was a brilliant student. Her initial two attempts were unsuccessful, leaving her dejected.

However, she learned from her mistakes and changed her preparation strategy for the third attempt. As per DNA India, Smriti without fail read all the newspapers and made notes. She also focused on current events and revised all the previous year questions.

She made her own notes and compared them with the answers of the previous year’s toppers.

“I focused on content enrichment, used multiple exams, cited facts and gave 30 minutes for each answer. I also used diagrams, flowchart and wrote quotes and case studies,” Smriti was quoted by News18 about her preparation strategy.

“Consistent practice of previous year’s question papers, hold on comprehension is a must,” she added.