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Three years after a businessman was shot dead, a WhatsApp message and an IPS officer’s keen eye helped the police crack the mysterious murder case. Cops were shocked after arresting the businessman’s wife, who had plotted the entire murder plan, only to marry her gym instructor.

The businessman Vinod Bharara was married to Nidhi Bharara and the couple had a happy family with their little daughter in Haryana’s Panipat. However, things took an ugly turn after Nidhi met Sumit at a gym she frequented. But, Vinod soon learnt about the affair and confronted his wife that led to frequent arguments.

As the tension continued, Nidhi along with Sumit plotted to kill Vinod. As per plan, the two hired a truck driver Dev Sunar from Punjab and paid him Rs 10L in cash to crash Vinod death under his truck. Though Vinod suffered serious injuries, he survived.

After their failure, Nidhi and Sumit activated plan B and asked Dev to shot dead Vinod. On being promised hefty money in return, Dev approached Vinod and shot him dead. While cops arrested Dev, Nidhi and Sumit set off on a Manali trip days after Vinod’s murder.

Shockingly, she sent her daughter to stay with their uncle in Australia while she continued her affair with Sumit. She was also paying all the household expenses of the truck driver from the insurance money she received from Vinod’s death.

However, a WhatsApp message on IPS officer Ajit Singh Shekhawat finally helped crack the entire case. The message was from Vinod’s brother Pramod, who stays in Australia. The message urged the IPS officer to reopen the case.

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Family members grew suspicious after Nidhi sent her daughter to her uncle and spent Vinod’s money lavishly. On joining the dots, police detained Nidhi and Sumit who later confessed to their crime during interrogation. As the role of Nidhi and Sumit was clear in the murder, the two were arrested and produced in court. They are now in jail.

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