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In a shocking incident, an elderly woman was allegedly killed by her daughter for property in the Mancheswar area of Bhubaneswar. The incident came to light after the husband of the deceased, Satyanarayana Jitbabu (85), lodged a written complaint with Mancheswar police in this regard. 

Jitbabu, in his three-page FIR, narrated how his daughter Sujata Jit allegedly conspired and killed his wife Prativa Rani Jit.

According to the complainant, Satyanarayana had purchased an Industrial Plot in the name of his wife Prativa where he ran a printing press named ‘Bajrang Printing Press’. Satyanarayana had sold his homestead land along with other agricultural lands at his hometown Baripada and a plot situated in Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar to manage his Printing Press. 

In due course, Satyanarayana decided to entrust the management of the press in the hands of his daughter Sujata Jit due to his old age. However, Sujata miserably failed in managing the Printing Press, resulting in the business being disrupted, the octogenarian stated in his FIR.

In his last bid to renovate the printing press, Satyanarayana and his wife decided to hand over the press to their only son Rudranarayan Jitbabu alias Alok. However, this did not go well with Sujata who vehemently opposed it and even assaulted all the family members with the help of miscreants.

“Later, she joined hands with Bibhuti Bhusan Panda of Palasuni and began to conspire to grab my property along with the press by using different unfair mechanisms. They devised plans to ouster me from my residence using unfair means following which I was bound to leave my residence and stay with my son,” the complainant stated.

“However, Sujata started ill-treating my wife (her mother). When I and my son tried to meet her, she directed the security guards to throw us out of their apartment. Later, we were informed by our brother-in-law to visit Capital Hospital urgently as my wife was serious on August 16th, 2023.”

“We rushed to the Capital Hospital only to find my wife dead, but the reason for her death was not known to anybody, which seems to be suspicious. Moreover, I could not witness the physical dead body of my wife in the hospital,” the complainant alleged.

Satyanarayana has demanded a thorough probe into the matter and stringent action against Sujata and her accomplice Bibhuti Bhusan Panda in his police complaint. He has been running from pillar to post to get justice, but is given deaf ears, it was learnt.

Even though he had lodged an FIR on August 19 with Mancheswar Police, his case was not been registered. He has been running to the office of the DCP, but to no avail, Satyanarayana alleged.

No comments could be obtained from the police in this connection.

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