Suryakant Jena

You might have come across unusual incidents in seizure of drugs or alcohol, but this will surprise you the most. A joint team of police and excise staff recently destroyed a huge cache of country liquor stashed atop a tree in Dalua Reserve Forest under Khuntuni area of Cuttack district.

According to official sources, around 665 litre of country liquor and 7805 litre of fermented mahua locally known as 'pocha' were destroyed during the raid. 

Acting on a tip off, a joint team of excise and police officials conducted raid in the reserve forest and spotted several large barrels stashed atop a platform built on the tree. 

The team climbed atop the tree to conduct an inspection and found storage of illegal liquor inside the barrels. The excise officials later drained out all the liquor from the barrels. 

Meanwhile, a video of the seizure scene has fascinated the netizens from all around as it seems like liquor is raining from the tree. The video has now gone viral on several social media platforms. 

Jagdish Chandra Samal, Deputy Superintendent, Excise department, Cuttack said that locals have been resorting to such practice of storing liquor atop trees to prevent being caught by police and also ensure protection from elephants.