Rashmi Ranjan

The Commissionerate Police on Friday arrested Bubu Jena, the alleged ring leader of the notorious Koi Bhai Nahi (KBN) gang that had unleashed terror in the State Capital through a series of violent viral videos, from Delta Chhak area and seized a sword from his possession. 

The gang’s activities had come to light after the videos of its members openly displaying sharp weapons in the streets and terrorizing citizens went viral on various social media platforms some months ago.

Sources said the police will forward Jena to court and seek permission to take him on remand to ascertain his motive behind making such videos using firearms and sharp weapons.

The police had launched a manhunt to nab Jena who went underground following a police crackdown against the gang. The police had also raided his house at Gandamunda in November last year.

The police had bulldozed the house of Chenga, another member of the gang, following information that illegal firearms were stored in his house.

The police have already arrested nine members of the criminal gang after identifying them from the viral videos. 

In one such viral video, the members of the gang were seen partying in a vehicle by parking it in the middle of a National Highway. The video sent alarm bells ringing in the police circles the State.

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