Pradeep Pattanayak

If you are a resident of Bhubaneswar city and planning a wedding function, from now onwards you have to get permission from the Commissionerate Police before organising the event. 

After the incident of miscreants making off with gift items and cash amounting to Rs 5 lakh from a marriage pandal in the Badagada area, the Commissionerate Police has swung into action and come up with some measures and tips for both the bride and groom parties to avoid loots and thefts. While chalking out the plans, the organisers have to make allowances for these guidelines. 

For wedding or reception parties, both bride and groom sides must apply for permission from the Commissionerate Police. It is mandatory for them to provide their mobile phone numbers. On the day of the function, they will receive necessary tips on their mobile phones from the police. 

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Here are some tips recommended by the police:

-Deployment of own people at the entrance 

-If a guest’s identity is suspected, ask him/her immediately 

-Deployment of required number of security guards 

-Securing gifts & valuable items

- Ensuring CCTV cameras are installed & working 

Additional DCP of Bhubaneswar, Prakash Chandra Pal said, “We will keep the contact numbers of both bride and groom parties. We are calling them up ahead of the event and asking them to take care of their gift items. We are asking them to deploy either a security guard or own people at the place where gift cards and packets are kept.”

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