Rashmi Rekha Das

Kharavel Nagar police on Friday recreated a scene in connection with Subhasree Mohapatra’s death case.

Police took the accused, Chittaranjan Jena, his mother and friend to the crime spot to recreate the scene. 

Notably, the 35-year-old woman's body was recovered from her house in mysterious circumstances on Tuesday night from her place at Shastrinagar in Bhubaneswar. 

According to police, Subhashree and her boyfriend, Chittaranjan had a spat and it became so serious that she decided to take the extreme step by hanging herself.  After finding Subhashree hanging from a ceiling fan, Chittaranjan became sure that he would land in problem. So, he removed the body from the fan and kept it on bed before fleeing the scene. He, later, threw the scarf worn by Subhashree into a drain near Barunei bypass.

Police took Chitaranjan with them to Barunei bypass to recover the scarf. Police also investigated a hotel in Patia. It is learnt that relationship between Subhashree and Chittaranjan also led to a dispute between Subhashree and her husband.