Vikash Sharma

Panic gripped Manpur village in Khordha district after some people spotted a dog carrying a severed palm in its mouth on Sunday evening. The recovery of the severed palm, suspected to be that of a human, triggered apprehensions among the local residents.

Subsequently, Jankia police seized the severed palm from near a pond at Manpur village after locals shared information about the incident. An investigation has been initiated by police and the severed palm has been sent to forensic lab for examination.

It is unclear how the severed palm reached the area. As the railway line passes through the area, police are contacting GRP to ascertain whether some death was reported under its jurisdiction recently.

The police officials are also trying to collect information about missing persons and recent deaths in the village and nearby areas to come to any conclusion on the recovery of the severed palm. However, things are likely to get cleared only after a detailed investigation into the matter.

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