Suryakant Jena

The Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance has ordered the seizure of a whopping Rs 3.05 crore worth property owned by 11 people from Odisha arrested by the Malkangiri Police on charges of ganja peddling earlier this year.

The district police has issued a press statement to inform about the details of the seizure.

As per the statement, the office of competent authority and administrator, Kolkata, Department of Revenue under the Ministry of Finance issued a freezing order on the movable and immovable properties acquired from Ganja business of worth Rs 3,05,57,186.71 by the 11 persons as per the provision under Section 68 (F) of the NDPS act 1985.

According to police sources, nine out of the 11 persons hail from Malkangiri district while the rest two are from Andhra Pradesh. All of them were arrested during a crackdown on ganja smuggling in MV 79 area on February 1, 2021.

The police had confiscated around 1111 kgs of ganja from the possession of the accused.

Later, all of them were booked under U/S 20(b)(ii)(C)/25/27-A/29 of the NDPS act, 1985. Police also launched a process to trace the illegal property owned by the accused through the proceeds of the illegal syndicate of narcotics smuggling.

During the course of the investigation, police had also traced five buildings owned by the accused persons worth Rs 2,86,53,150, twelve bank accounts having total balance of Rs 71,036.71/- and six vehicles worth Rs 18,33,000/-.

Police have also reportedly traced illegal property worth over a crore belonging to one of the accused who happens to be former police personnel.

Meanwhile, Odisha Police DGP also congratulated Malkangiri Police for obtaining order of Competent Authority Kolkata confirming freezing property belonging to drug traffickers worth approx 3.5 crores in an NDPS/drug case of MV 79 PS. DGP termed the development as ‘One more victory against drug trafficking.’