Pradeep Pattanayak

In a crackdown against poachers in the Similipal sanctuary, the Forest Department arrested nine hunters and seized 30 kilograms of uncooked meat of Sambar deer from their possession. 

As per reports, the forest department officials were tipped off that around 40 people in an area under Udala Police limits had gone into the forest on Friday night. After killing a Sambar deer, they were returning to their village when they confronted the Dukura range officer. Seeing the officer, while some poachers managed to escape, nine of them were nabbed. 

When searched, 30 kilograms of uncooked Sambar meat and guns were seized from their possession.

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 Informing about the incident, the deputy director of Similipal South, Samrat Gowda said, “Around 20 to 25 people carrying 10 guns went to Similipal sanctuary. Nine guns and Sambar meat were seized and nine people were arrested.”

The sanctuary was recently in the news for fast turning into an illegal hub for opium poppy cultivation. In the last two months,  joint teams of Forest, Excise, and Police officials had destroyed opium poppy plantations worth Rs 20 crore spread over acres of woodland in the core areas of the sanctuary.