Pradeep Pattanayak

An eight-day-old infant, who went missing from the Balasore District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) on Thursday, was traced and united with his parents on Friday. 

As per reports, after a missing report was lodged by Sushant Barik and his wife Tikili Rani of Athabatia in Baliapal, the parents of the missing infant, the police launched a probe. The footage captured in CCTV cameras helped them solve the case. 

The cops first scanned the available CCTV footage. The entire act of a woman going out of the DHH premises with the said infant was captured in the CCTV cameras. In the footage, it can clearly be seen that a woman took the infant and went straight out of the hospital as if she was its biological mother. Then she went to a medicine store near the hospital and asked the shopkeeper to give his phone to call her husband. 

The investigation led the police to Renuma Durgadevi village from where they rescued the infant. While the woman was detained, the DHH authorities handed the baby boy over to his parents. 

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During the investigation, police came to know that the accused woman had visited the Obstetrics and Gynaecology department of the DHH to treat her daughter. After seeing Sushant Barik’s son, she allegedly put her daughter on the bed and left the place with the baby boy.

“We didn’t have sufficient information to proceed with our investigation. So we scanned the CCTV cameras installed under Project Sahyog. Using the footage along with our technical inputs, we zeroed in on the woman at about 1 AM. Subsequently, a team was formed under our city DSP. The team went to the location, rescued the baby and returned it to the DHH authorities. Further investigation is underway,” said Sagarika Nath, Balasore SP.

(Reported by Prakash Mohanty)