Rashmi Ranjan

Despite a large-scale awareness drive, cyber crimes in the country are rampant as the fraudsters are coming up with different unique techniques to dupe internet users. 

The recent victim is a director of a south-Delhi based security services company who received the shock of his life after losing Rs 50 lakh just to missed calls by the cyber fraudsters.

According to media reports, the cyber crooks neither asked for OTP nor shared any link with the victim. However, the fraudsters repeatedly gave blank and missed calls to the victim.

The director of the security services firm got the missed calls between 7 pm to 8.44 pm on October 10. To his surprise, he found around Rs 50 lakh was debited from his bank account and got transferred to several accounts in multiple transactions after the missed calls.

Preliminary probe suggests the masterminds of this unique kind fraud might be based in the Jamtara area of Jharkhand. Reports suggest the bank accounts to which the money has been transferred might be of some people who could have rented them to the crooks.