Vikash Sharma

Senior jail officials on Monday started an investigation into the incident in which two under-trial prisoners (UTPs), who were arrested on charges of murder, escaped from Titilagarh sub-jail on Saturday night.  The two inmates Sumit Bihari and Sobhaban Rana were lodged in the jail for the last two and five years, respectively.

As per reports, Sambalpur Jail DIG Kulamani Behera along with Bolangir jail’s Superintendent has reached the Titilagarh sub-jail and conducted a probe. It has been learned that there were no concrete security measures at the sub-jail for which the UTPs managed to give the officials a slip.

The sub-jailor said that both the UTPs were engaged in some computer-related work as they had some knowledge about the computers and were paid some remuneration.

Sources said both Bihari and Rana managed to escape after scaling a 40-ft wall of the sub-jail. Surprisingly, the jail’s CCTV camera was also allegedly not functioning.

Though raids were conducted at multiple locations with the help of police, both the UTPs are yet to be traced.

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Senior Odisha Jail officials investigated how the UTPs managed to escape and whether the UTPs got any inside or outside support to escape. Subsequently, some action may also be taken in connection with the incident.

After five hours of investigation, Sambalpur Jail DIG Kulamani Behera told media that violating the jail manual, the jail superintendent was making the UTPs to do manual work. "Taking advantage of the situation, the two managed to escape at about 8.30. The investigating team took statements of the jail staff and explored the possibilities of escape from the jail. The higher authorities will be reported. Action will be taken on the basis of the investigation report,” he added.