Pradeep Pattanayak

Be careful while responding to messages promising lucrative offers on your Telegram app. Or else, you could be the next victim caught in the net of cybercriminals. 

Rising to the bait of these cybercriminals, a young businessman named Deepak Sahu and a woman have recently lost over lakhs of rupees to these cyber fraudsters. 

According to the complaint, Sahu had received a message on Telegram, asking him to do a task to get money. He rose to the bait and opened an account. Thereafter he received some tasks. He first deposited Rs 800 and then Rs 10,000 and later withdrew Rs 13,000. 

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He was then asked to complete 28 steps to get lakhs of rupees. Then he was asked to deposit Rs 9.5 lakh. After realizing that he had been taken for a ride, he demanded a refund. The fraudsters asked him to cough up another Rs 2 lakh to get back his money. With no option left, Sahu sought the intervention of the Cyber Police station. 

Similarly, a gang of cyber fraudsters duped a woman of Rs 1.13 lakh, promising to teach modelling to her son. 

As cases of online fraudsters cheating gullible people through Telegram are increasing, the Cyber Police has started creating awareness among people. People have been asked not to respond to any lucrative messages or click on any links.

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