Vikash Sharma

A spate of burglaries in different parts of the smart city of Bhubaneswar has triggered panic among the residents. As per reports, the robbers are striking at will while the cops appear clueless forcing the city-dwellers to think twice before stepping out of their homes.

Be it apartments or any other residential complex, there has been a rise in the incidents of thefts and burglaries in Bhubaneswar. The trend is continuing since October last year.  A lot of residents are also forced to stay indoors by keeping their doors locked even during the daytime.

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Saswati Das, a resident said, “Whenever we step out of our house for any event or party, we have to think twice whether our jewellery and other valuables will be safe or not.”

Das further stated that they are now forced to use double locks even if they are at home. This is due to a rise in the number of burglaries and thefts in different parts of the city.

Pragyan Mishra, another resident said, “I do not feel safe after my husband leaves for office. Despite the presence of security guards, thefts are being reported. If the police were doing their duty properly, such things would not have occurred.”

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Commissionerate Police, on the other hand, claimed that efforts are on to nab the miscreants involved in loot and burglaries. Even posters of criminals were put up by the cops. However, it is alleged that such measures have not yielded any positive results so far. ACP Krushna Chandra Palei said, “We are doing surveillance including bike patrolling. More focus is being given to the areas located in remote areas. We have arrested some robbers gang and efforts are on to nab others.”

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