Himansu Shekhar Rout

The burglars, particularly those targeting apartments in Bhubaneswar, are under the radars of Commissionerate Police. Most of the accused are yet to be traced. They have been put on the wanted list.   

Police are in pursuit of these burglars as it is evident from the fact that posters with images of suspected looters are being pasted at different locations particularly at crowded places in Bhubaneswar to nab them. The images of the looters have been elicited from CCTV footage of the loot place. These posters are found at bus stand areas, railway stations and the airport

In the posters, it was mentioned, “These looters (with images) burgle apartments, flats, valuable and gold ornaments in Bhubaneswar. People are requested to inform police about these criminals by dialing 7077798111 or 067-3510199. The names and addresses of the informers would be kept confidential. The informers would be given a cash prize of Rs 10,000.”

As per reports, several cases of apartment loot had taken place in various parts of Bhubaneswar in the past. In most cases, police have reportedly failed to identify the masked burglars.  Both police and residents are worried about the increasing incidents of such loot cases. 

Sources said, the patterns of burgling in such incidents in many apartments are almost similar.   

A local resident said that the Commissionerate Police has taken a good step to seek help from residents to identify the criminals. Other residents expressed concern over the apartment loot incidents and welcomed the steps of the police.

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