Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Do you have a fake profile on social media platforms? Beware, if you are using a fake account on any social media platforms, you may face the music of law. Yes, such activities are acknowledged as cybercrime and punishable offence, informed Odisha Police through a Tweet on Saturday.

As the Tweet read, “Making ‘Fake Profile’ of anyone or impersonation on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. is cybercrime and a punishable offence. You may register such cybercrimes at the nearest police station or online at Beware and be Cybersafe.” 

Odisha Police TweetOdisha Police Tweet

Recently, there is a surge in reports of cyber fraud across Odisha. Many such incidents have come to the fore in which people create fake profiles on social media platforms impersonating some other person. Even reports have surfaced that fake account holders use photos of some known personalities and request financial aid. 

Notably, misuse of social media platforms has largely contributed to an increase in online violence affecting people of all ages. This has also turned into a major global issue.