Pradeep Pattanayak

Using over-the-counter medicines for body ache during the on-going third wave of the pandemic may result in complications, cautioned health expert Jayant Panda.  

“Symptoms like body ache, stomach ache and loose motions are common in case of Omicron infection. Omicron is infecting people very fast but the good news is that the patients are not turning serious and recovering faster as compared to the infections in the second wave. If one develops symptoms, he/she should consult a doctor,” Dr Panda said. 

Pointing out some important facts about Omicron, Panda said that the Covid-19 mutant strain remains in throat and does not infect chest, nor does it make a patient serious. “The symptoms include slight pain in throat while swallowing, nasal congestion, headache and body ache. These symptoms persist for two to three days. Compared to the last two waves, it is seen that patients are recovering more quickly in this third wave,” Dr Panda added.

Panda said the use medicines like antibiotic and antiviral are not required by the patients. “The symptomatic treatment involves use of Paracetamol or Cetrizine which are prescribed to cure cold and cough. However, one should be watchful if the Oxygen saturation level drops or there are associated symptoms like chest pain,” he said, adding, “However, there are possibilities that a patient can get cured in five to seven days.” 

He advised people not to take medicines without doctor’s prescription as it may result in serious complications. “Don’t feel complacent and lower your guards after receiving both vaccine doses. No vaccine can provide 100 percent immunity against a disease. If a fully vaccinated person gets infected, s/he can receive the booster or precaution dose after three months,” Dr Panda said.