New coronavirus variant BA.2, which is under investigation, can cause mild symptoms but is more transmissible, a member of the India's Covid task force said on Tuesday.

"The Omicron BA.2 is more transmissible than the previously identified BA.1 subvariant. It can causes mild symptoms," Dr Suneela Garg, who is also a member of Lancet Commission, told IANS.

Experts suggest that Omicron patients are reporting a wide range of symptoms owing to vaccination status and the immunity condition. Studies in the UK has revealed people infected with the sub-variant show gut-related symptoms.

On the possibility of Omicron BA.2 causing another surge, Dr Garg said that it cannot infect those who have previously had BA.1 sub-variant of Covid-19.

"In India, most people have come in contact with BA.1 so infection will be mild. It will not cause a wave like what is going around. However, while the number of cases are declining, we need to be more vigilant," she added.

She also said that no increase in hospitalisations has been recorded yet.

The World Health Organisation has also said that BA.2 is definitely more transmissible than BA.1 but the severity level of both the variants is the same.

The Omicron BA.2 is spreading faster in countries like Denmark, the Philippines, and South Africa. Preliminary research reveals that the BA.2 sub variant can overcome immunity from vaccination and can also dodge the immunity of the body.