Ramakanta Biswas

News Highlights

  • The initiative is aimed at preventing spread of Covid-19 infections and creating awareness over vaccination

In yet another initiative to help boost the ongoing vaccination drive against Covid-19, the Ganjam district administration has requested all vendors to vaccinate themselves and put up vaccination certificate in front of their shops.

The initiative is aimed at preventing the spread of Covid-19 infections from vendors to customers and creating awareness among them about the need for vaccination.

The administration said the compliance regarding display of Covid vaccination certificates and Panchasutra (a five-point strategy issued earlier for all shopkeepers to put a lease on the relentless rise in cases of Covid-19) will be checked by the enforcement team.  

“We request all shopkeepers, vendors anf other professionals to display COVID vaccination certificate (single/final dose) in front of shop. It will create confidence among customers and helpful to stop infections. It will be checked by enforcement team along with Panchsutra,” the Ganjam Collector Vijay Amruta Kulange tweeted. 

Later speaking further on the initiative, Kulange said, “Ganjam team is now ready to conduct about 50,000 vaccination per day. Therefore, we appeal to all shopkeepers, vendors, professionals and vegetable sellers to vaccinate themselves first so that customers visiting their shops will not contract the virus from them. If the vendors take single or double doses and put up the certificates in display in front of their shops, it will generate confidence among the customers visiting the shops and allays fear from their minds.”  

In a separate tweet, the district Collector wrote, “Appeal to all people of Ganjam to come forward to vaccinate & protect your family from COVID. Both 1st & 2nd dose (after 84 days) for 18+ age group is available in all CHCs and other vaccination sites.  Both online & on-spot registration can be done.”

Earlier, a group of vendors in Ganjam district had offered five per cent discounts to fully vaccinated customers in a bid to promote the ongoing vaccination drive against the Covid-19.