Mrunal Manmay Dash

Devotion for the Lord almighty manifests in many colours. When the Grand Ram Mandir was inaugurated at Ayodhya, many devotees got the privilege of witnessing the divine moment up close, while others had to witness it on television from their homes.

However, there are some others who tried to showcase their support and love for Lord Ram in their own unique way, exactly like a youth from Ganjam who created a huge sculpture of Ram Mandir with Rangoli.

Santosh Kumar Jena from Totagaon under Ganjam’s Khallikote NAC mesmerised everybody in his village by creating a rangoli sculpture of Ram Mandir.

More than 30 kg of Rangoli has been used to create the sculpture which has a size of 345 sqft.

Speaking about the sculpture, Jena said, “I could not go to Ayodhya on the Pran Pratishtha day. So I thought I can make a Ram Mandir in rangoli instead. I wanted to make it big. I started to work at 9 pm in the night and it was completed the next day at 8 am.”

It has become a thing of attraction for many as the villagers started taking selfies with it. Some locals even lighted diyas near it and started worshipping it.

“Many people in our village could not go to Ayodhya for the Pran Pratishtha. But we can worship the Ram Temple in our village. Other village youths helped Jena and we created another Ayodhya in our village. We are very happy,” said a local Kedar Pradhan.