Manoj Kumar Jena

As the consecration ceremony of Ayodhya Ram Temple is inching closer, devotees are leaving no stone unturned to make the grand ceremony more divine.

Likewise, an antique collector from Odisha is going to send a bow and arrow for lord Ram ahead of the consecration ceremony which is scheduled to be held on January 22. 

The antique collector, Sudarshan Sahoo, created the bow and arrow and named it ‘Mayurkanthia.’ It is 2 feet long and 1.5 feet wide and weighs around 2 kg. The special bow and arrow is completely made up of copper. 

“I named the bow and arrow ‘Mayurkanthia’ and the carving works are done in a design of a peacock’s beak. I will dedicate this bow and arrow to Lord Ram,” said Sahoo. 

In view of the consecration ceremony of Lord Ram Temple in Ayodhya, gifts from every nook and corner of the country are being sent to Ayodhya. 

A weaver family from Bargarh in Odisha has woven a saree, specifically for the ceremony.  The saree is not like any other ordinary saree. Dushyant, the master craftsman who has woven the saree using the age-old weaving art, locally known as ‘Sambalpuri Bandha Kala’ and made the saree with the concept of ‘Ram Setu.’

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