• Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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  • Tarot card predictions: Heartbreak likely for Scorpio, Pisces to win battles

Tarot card predictions: Heartbreak likely for Scorpio, Pisces to win battles

Here is a quick look on the tarot card readings for remaining six zodiacs for the month September 2022

Vikash Sharma
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Tarot Card PredictionsPhotoPhoto: OTV

Tarot Card Predictions

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With barely a few days for the start of new month September, people are getting ready to dip in festive mood. A lot of people are looking forward to making a new start in their lives following turbulent times over past few months at personal level.

Expert Tarot reader -Healer - Life Coach Mrs. Bina Sheth from Divine Bliss Cuttack provides a comprehensive reading of the remaining zodiacs and what they can expect in the month of September.

Here is a quick look on the tarot card readings for September 2022

Libra - Try to be realistic about what you commit to as overwhelming offers and choices will drop in. Take what you can manage. Good time for career advancement. Third person might come and create issues in relationship so deal intelligently with the situation. Mental health issues seen. Healing might help you.

Scorpio- Big upheavals coming this month. Hardship and difficult time but also time to heal yourself. Heart break or divorce possible. Plan your finances. Go slow as very intense time. Healing needed. Sagittarius- Time to evaluate yourself and life. Do not judge and put awareness into the situation. Release what is not serving you anymore. Partners might have to live in long distance relationship. Take informed decisions with money matters. Any kind of negligence might make you fall in trouble in any matter of life.

Capricorn- Seize the moment. Big changes and opportunities coming in. Take quick and witty actions. Deeper commitment and marriage being seen. Great time to make investments. Make the most of all.

Aquarius- You have endured hardships and learned your lessons, it’s time now to reap the rewards. Luck is on your side. Travelling together possible bringing great love and commitment. Unexpected and well deserved bonus.

Pisces- You are half way through your battles, gather your strength to move forward. You are close to success. Guard your money and try to make extra income as lot of unexpected expenses will be there. Meditation and healing needed. Have a blessed month.

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May this month bring lots of love and blessings in your life. It is a general reading, for personal readings Click the link below to connect Mrs. Bina Sheth (9437411155)

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