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The day to adulate wealth during the festival of lights, Dhanteras otherwise termed Dhantejas is a popular event. Also popularly known as Dhantrayodasi, the auspicious day falls on Krishnapaksha Trayodashi tithi of Kartika month. As believed since ages, worshipping Goddess Maha Laxmi and Lord Kubera on this auspicious day enhances your wealth. Dhanteras marks the beginning of the 3-day long celebrations for Diwali. 

As per age-old practices, people tend to clean houses and shops before Dhanteras. The buildings are decorated with lights and earthen lamps. Even people decorate their homes with colourful Rangolis that ensure an aesthetic appeal to the residences. 

Earthen lamps are lit at the entrance of homes in the evening of the auspicious day. According to the scriptures, it is believed that lighting the earthen lamps on this day prevents the untimely death of household members for the next one year.

Moreover, this day is also celebrated as the birth anniversary of the father of Ayurveda – Dhanwantari. It is believed that bringing some new things to the house within a selected good time on this day will increase wealth. Moreover, the financial condition will remain good throughout the year.

Here we bring the list of things one needs to bring to their home to invite fortune. 

Aries: People of this zodiac sign need to purchase ornaments of gold and silver. Even purchasing utensils of these valuable metals will invite good fortune for you. Purchasing American diamonds can also prove beneficial. You can also purchase land or a new vehicle and bring fortune to your home. Buying wheat grains will also have a similar impact.

Taurus: Purchasing silver or diamond jewellery, utensils, and silver idol of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh will be beneficial. You can also purchase a new vehicle. Purchasing white silk cloth or salt will also serve the purpose. 

Gemini: You can purchase a silver idol of Radha-Krishna, silver utensils, or land for inviting good fortune. Purchasing green clothes will also serve the purpose.

Cancer: You can purchase silver-made small apparatus or a new vehicle to get blessed with good fortune.

Leo: You can purchase gold or silver jewelleries to get blessed. Purchasing a silver-made lamp, laptop or mobile phone will also be beneficial. 

Virgo: If you want to invite good fortune, you can purchase silver ornaments or utensils on the auspicious day. You can also purchase an idol of Laxmi-Narayan to get blessed. You will get showered with good fortune if you purchase a new house.

Libra: Purchase swastika yantra made from silver. You can also purchase a new mobile phone or a television or cosmetics to get blessed with good fortune. 

Scorpio: Purchase a silver glass or anything made of copper. You can also purchase some electronic devices to invite good fortune. 

Sagittarius: Purchasing gold coins and gold jewellery will bring good fortune. You can also purchase a right-handed Dakshinavarti conch shell. Even purchasing Gomti Chakra or dried turmeric finger will also serve the purpose. 

Capricorn: Purchasing a tortoise made from silver or a sphatik tortoise will be beneficial. Purchasing a new vehicle will be beneficial. Purchasing steel utensils or blue clothes will also serve the purpose.

Aquarius: Purchasing steel apparatus and kitchen appliances will bring good fortune. Purchasing coriander will also serve the purpose.

Pisces: Purchasing gold jewellery, gemstones or aquariums will be beneficial for you.