Airports most stressful aspect of travel: Survey

Mumbai: At a time when airport privatisation has come under scanner following private operators levying hefty one fee or other from passengers to recover their investments, a large majority of tarvellers have listed airports as their most stressful factor, says the findings of a global survey.

In a travel survey, more than 66 per cent Indian travellers have listed airports as the most stressful factor for them while planning a trip, with their queues and security checks as the number one stress factor, says the survey by the global travel search site Skyscanner.

The respondents also reveal that choosing a destination is another stressful factor for Indian travellers. According to the survey, the third most stressful aspect is the search for cheap flights, the findings reveal.

With a plethora of Indian and international airlines offering tactical packages at different times, getting the best prices for flights is clearly a time-consuming process for many, it said.

The international survey conducted on Facebook by Skyscanner had over 20,000 respondents from 12 nations. The respondents were asked about the elements of travel, which are the most stressful ones.

Brazilians and Brits join Indians in voting airports, with their queues and security checks as the number one stress factor.

The analysis of over 3,100 Indians reveals that finances, finding accommodation and arranging travel documents are the least stressful factors while planning their travel.

"Airports appear to be more of an issue for Indians than for any other Europeans or Asians polled. This is perhaps no surprise given the recent pilot strikes and flight cancellations/delays, which could put additional stress on travellers, where they have to wait for more time in the airports," Skyscanner India market development manager Kavitha Gyanamurthy said.