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A new makeover for Facebook

Houston: The popular social network website Facebook, has launched redesigned pages that more closely mirror its recently revamped profiles, with newly added features and capabilities.

Soon these pages are getting an upgrade that will make them look more like user profiles.

The redesign has already begun and will take effect for everyone from March 10.

Unlike individual-oriented Facebook profiles, pages are designed for businesses, brands, public figures, and organizations and administrators to typically oversee their day-to-day operations.

In a message sent to administrators on February 10, Facebook offered pages owners the opportunity to preview and upgrade early to the new format.

But the company will enact mandatory upgrades in a month, it said. Owners can now browse Facebook "as" their Page.

In other words, comment on other people`s pages, "Like" things, etc. It`s now much easier to increase your brand`s visibility by liking relevant posts or articles, contributing to discussions, or even poking people, if that`s your thing.

It`s easy to switch on and off – there`s a link on the right for each page you administer.

You now also have photos for your pages which can be stored in albums, much like you can do for your profile.

The `photos` link is placed under the page`s `profile picture` like it is on your own profile and the latest photos will be displayed above the wall.

Essentially, a fan page will now look exactly like a profile page.

Like the recently updated profiles format, Facebook`s new pages will include the row of five photos at the top of the page, a navigation menu on the left, and activities from other pages on the news feed.

With the "everyone" feature, page administrators can choose to highlight items as top wall posts, giving them more flexibility about shining a spotlight on particular news.

And the update includes a method for page fans to discover the friends and interests they have in common with specific pages, Facebook said in a blog.

One of the new features capturing the most online buzz is a set of features that lets administrators interact with Facebook via the page`s identity.

By selecting the "Use Facebook as a Page" option in the account section, administrators will be able to get notifications when fans interact with or post comments to a page; see activity in their newsfeed from pages they like; like other pages and feature them on the brand`s page; and make comments as their page on other pages, according to Facebook.

This means you can choose to receive notifications about fan activity, like, and comment on other Pages as your Page, and get your own News Feed where you can engage with the latest and most important news from other Pages you like.

Administrators can switch between speaking as the page`s brand and as an individual.

A box shows the brand and an option to comment under the administrator`s own name.

Facebook, which plans to roll out additional changes to pages in upcoming months, made these alterations in response to user requests for improved methods to keep up with page activities, the company said.

Under the new design, Facebook dropped the familiar tabs format, moving instead to small links under the profile pictures.

Based on a review of 1,000 comments posted in response to Facebook`s blog by Friday, this step was unpopular with many administrators.

Other administrators disliked Facebook`s step away from chronological order.

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