Under UPA, India better than other countries: Cong

New Delhi: As Congress-led UPA-II completes three years in office, party leaders today said India has performed much better in comparison to other countries during these years but the growth has not been upto the expectations of the government.

"If you compare the political situation in the country with that of other countries, the situation here is not bad. It is better than other countires… however, it should be much better. It is not what we had wished," senior Congress leader and Law Minister Salman Khurshid said.

Talking to reporters outside Parliament, he said there have been several obstacles but "we have marched a long way and we will move ahead". He referred to the global slowdown and the unemployment rate and said India fared well despite pressures. UPA II completes three years in office on May 22.

"American President`s popularity is less than his nearest presidential contender, French president lost elections recently and the situation in England is difficult. There is global slowdown, unemployment etc… we feel our situation is much better," Khurshid said.

Another party leader RPN Singh said several legislations were passed by the UPA II government for the benefit of the people and it is upto the "people to understand who work for them and who are taking the country forward. Given the situation world over, the growth rate here is comparable to the best economies of the advanced countries," he said.