Suspended Cong MPs block entry to Par

New Delhi: After their suspension from Lok Sabha for obstructing proceedings, eight Congress MPs today protested by blocking Parliament`s main gate for 30 minutes and raised pro-Telangana slogans.

The suspended Congress members–Ponnam Prabhakar, Madhu Yaskhi Goud, M Jagannath, K R G Reddy, G Viveknanda, Balram Naik, Sukender Reddy Gutha and S Rajaiah–sat on the steps of the main gate of Parliament and raised slogans in support of their demand for early formation of Telangana state.

They also carried placards which read "Honour Your commitment, Give separate Telanagana state" and "Fulfil your commitment, Honour Telanagana sentiment".

"We want Telanagana…Jai Telanagana…Telangana ko banayiye, loktantra ko bachayiye and amal karo, UPA ka wada amal karo…," rent the air as the suspended MPs raised the pitch of their voice.

The blocking of entry to Parliament forced MPs to use other gates for the half-an-hour just before sitting of the Houses.

Later, on behalf of the pro-Telanagana Congress MPs, M Jagannath told reporters, "I appeal to students not to commit suicide because Telanagana will be created soon. They should realise their dreams."

Criticising the BJP for being double-faced by not supporting them at the time of their suspension even though some other parties did, Jagannath said, "When we were suspended, BJP did not raise their voice of opposition, even though they claim to support the Telanagana cause. They showed their real face."