Speaker asks Jharkhand govt to table trust vote in House

Ranchi: Jharkhand Speaker C P Singh on Thursday formally asked the Hemunt Soren led JMM-Congress government having the support of Independents to table the vote of confidence in the Assembly.
Soren, who took oath as the head of the coalition government on July 13, had submitted a list of 43 supporting MLAs in the 82-member House to Governor Syed Ahmed on July 9 and had been asked to take the confidence vote after being sworn in.
Singh told the House that there were bitter-sweet memories in the 13-year-old history of Jharkhand and there was scope for making many experiments in democracy, but it should reflect noteworthy results.
"Several new experiments have been made in democracy, and I have also made one, which you are seeing now," Singh said, indicating that he was conducting the House though he was elected on a BJP ticket and the party was now in the opposition.
Stating that he knew he was heading toward 'winding up things', he said he was hurt at the media debate on his continuation and said he had discharged his responsibilities impartially and above party lines.
"I am hurt by the debate over my resignation in the media. I have never been partial to any one and have always risen above party lines to conduct (the House)," Singh said in his address to the Assembly.
"Whenever the question of my resignation arose, I have said I would take the decision at the appropriate time. I did not feel it proper to leave the boat of democracy in midstream," Singh said.
He said that he would not deviate from values and would under no circumstances take the lift when there was a need to climb the ladder.