Police statement backed by evidence: Somnath Bharti’s wife

New Delhi: Lipika Mitra, who has registered a case of domestic violence against her husband, AAP leader Somnath Bharti, on Friday said her police statement was backed by evidence and documents.

She said she met police officers to thank them and that she decided to come out in the open after her husband “started pestering and making statements assassinating” her character.

“It was then that I had to come out and speak. I have to stand for my own right,” Mitra told IANS.

She said her statement to the police in the case were backed by evidence and documents.

“He has slapped me, tried to strangulate me. Even when I was in that condition (pregnant) he tried to hurt me. Anything could have happened had the neighbours not been there,” she said.

The senior police officers have assured me of a thorough and speedy probe, she said.

On being asked if she wanted her husband to be arrested, she said: “Not that I am very happy with the development. I am very sad with whatever is happening. My children won’t see their father and I will lose my husband.

“What am I achieving out of all these. The double standards that these people (Delhi government) are showing are ridiculous. He is talking about women empowerment but he is not being fair to his own wife,” she said.