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Rajya Sabha deputy chairman election: PDP, AAP & YSRCP to abstain from voting

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party(AAP), YSR Congress Party and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have decided to abstain from voting in the election to the post of Rajya Sabha deputy chairman.

“The PDP has decided to abstain from voting… The decision was taken in view of dissolution of coalition with the BJP,” party Chief spokesman Rafi Ahmad Mir said.

“Also, the UPA did not approach the PDP. Therefore, after consultations, it was deemed fit to abstain in party interest,” he added.

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A keen contest is on the cards tomorrow between NDA nominee Harivansh and joint opposition candidate B K Hariprasad for the post of Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman, with both sides claiming majority support.

The numbers, however, appear stacked in favour of the ruling coalition which claims the support of 126 members in the Upper House, which has an effective strength of 244 MPs.

While Harivansh is a first-time MP of the JD-U, Hariprasad is a three-time parliamentarian of the Congress.

(With PTI inputs)

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