Par panel pulls up Defence Min over Sainik schools

New Delhi: Pulling up the Defence Ministry for not being able to meet the demands of Sainik schools, a parliamentary panel has recommended that it review the number of serving defence officers required for smooth and effective functioning of these institutions.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence, in its report, `Critical Review of Functioning of Sainik School`, has also pointed out to the lack of proportionate increase in number of serving officers posted in these schools.

"The Committee notes with concern that the Ministry has not been able to meet the demand of manning the Sainik schools. The main constraint in this regard has been indicated as release of adequate number of serving officers," the Committee said its report which was tabled in Parliament last week.

There has been no proportionate increase in the number of serving officers, which remained static at 72, although the number of Sainik schools has gone up from 18 to 24, the Committee noted.

Recommending measures to tackle the shortfall, it said, "The requirement of number of serving officers for Sainik schools should be reviewed periodically and the requisite number of serving officers provided for the smooth and effective functioning of Sainik schools."

The Committee also observed that the composition of Board of Directors of these institutions should be reviewed, "So as to have representation from National Defence Academy (NDA), Indian Military Academy (IMA), retired Generals and imminent academicians."

Along with serving defence officers, the Sainik schools are provided with five serving Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) for the purpose of NCC and physical training of students.