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Modi slams SP, tells people not to vote for ‘conspirators’

Gonda (Uttar Pradesh): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday termed last November’s train accident in Kanpur a “conspiracy” and urged people not to vote for those “who help conspirators”.

Speaking at an election rally here, Modi also slammed the Akhilesh Yadav government for “protecting and patronising” the “copying mafia” that harmed the future of the youth.

Modi said: “Gonda shares its border with Nepal… Few days back there was a train accident… Some people were caught and the police found out that it was a conspiracy… the conspirators are on the other side of the border.”

He said people should not vote for anyone who would “help conspirators from across the border”.

“If the enemies want to run their business from the other side of the border, people in Gonda need to be cautious. If such people are elected who help the conspirators, will Gonda be safe? If Gonda is not safe will the nation be safe?” Modi said.

“The people of Gonda are patriots, they should be in power. There should be no mistake in elections, whether it is the SP or the BSP, none of them should win. Vote for BJP and make it victorious.”

In January, the Bihar Police arrested three persons who claimed that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was behind the November 2016 train accident in Kanpur that left over 100 dead and many more injured.

There was also another incident of a bomb that failed to explode on a railway track in Ghorasahan in Bihar’s East Champaran.

Modi also accused the Akhilesh Yadav-led-SP government of protecting and patronizing the “copying mafia” in the state which was harming the future of the youth.

The Prime Minister said the mafia was not only out to loot the poor but was also engaged in jeopardising the future of the youth .

Modi said: “When I was thinking about speaking on the issue, I must honestly admit I was slightly scared as this topic heard on television… could give ideas to anti social elements in other parts of the nation to replicate the SP modus operandi.”

Inspired by the public applause, Modi said the “copying mafia” business has to end.

He also slammed the law and order situation in the state. Modi said: “No justice can be expected from the police stations (in Uttar Prades) as they are helpless. They await nod from SP bosses.”

Urging the people to uproot the corrupt government in the state, Modi asked them to “end” the rule of SP and warned them against the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

Modi also claimed that the BJP had got huge support from the people in the first four phases of polling and that the writing on the wall was evident from the despondent face of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav.

“You have given a stable government at the Centre… and now you have to strengthen our hands further…,” he urged.

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