Khurshid rejects Team Anna demand for SIT probe

New Delhi: Law Minister Salman Khurshid today rejected Team Anna`s demand for setting up a Special Investigation Team to probe corruption charges against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and 14 Union ministers saying the government was not going to "cow down".

"We are not going to cow down…," Khurshid said reacting to Team Anna member Kiran Bedi`s demand for an SIT to probe the charges against Singh and the other Union ministers including himself. On allegations levelled by Team Anna members, Khurshid said, "I don`t think we can have media trials… street trials for anybody, forget about ministers and certainly Prime Minister. We are in a country where rule of law prevails.

"Some people have gone to the Supreme Court…So nobody stops them from going to institutions that are available," he said adding it appeared that Team Anna`s strategy was to "keep accusing you of all kind of things" if Lokpal Bill is not passed. Reacting to the Law Minister`s comments, Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal said his reaction was as if the accused himself was ruling out the investigation. "The accused himself is declaring that there will be no investigation. Is this the kind of democracy we want?" he said.